2017 Affiliate Cup Week 3 Challenge & Theme


2017 Affiliate Cup Week 3 Challenge & Theme

17.3 – Squat Challenge

This week is all about the Squat!

Your challenge this week is to take a photo of yourself performing a squat in an iconic Milwaukee location*. Post on your IG/FB, private BCF Members FB Group and/or your team’s private FB Group with #TeamName #BadgerCrossFit #InTheOpen, along with a cool fact or tidbit of information about that place you squatted at. Don’t do repeating locations!

The most creative place voted on by a neutral 3rd party will win an additional 5 points.

*If you work out of town or you’re traveling, take a photo there! And Milwaukee means Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties really.

Complete the challenge before Friday at 6:30 pm.

Week 3’s Theme:

America/USA! Anything patriotic or celebratory of our freedom in this great country.