2017 Affiliate Cup Week 2 Challenge & Theme


2017 Affiliate Cup Week 2 Challenge & Theme

17.2 – Burpee Challenge

This week is all about the burpee!

Your challenge this week is to record a short 15 second video of up to 20 people doing a burpee at one time. These can be your friends, coworkers, family or strangers.

Upload to YouTube and submit your video to this link: http://www.tinyurl.com/BCFWeek2.

Then, please post your video to your PUBLIC social media channels (Facebook/Instagram) (the private groups will not count) and tag @BadgerCrossFit #BadgerCrossFit #BadgerBuilt #InTheOpen and #Hashtag team name.

Each person in your video counts for 1 point, up to 20 total points. Each team member can submit a video. This is a very important challenge and I expect teams can earn a LOT of points this week.

Please shoot the videos in landscape view and make sure to introduce Badger CrossFit, Your Name, Team Name and the number of people in the video (clearly shown).

Complete the challenge before Friday at 6:30 pm.

Week 2’s Theme:

80’s/90’s theme! Dress and attire, and act like you’re back in time!