2017 Affiliate Cup Week 1 Challenge & Theme


2017 Affiliate Cup Week 1 Challenge & Theme

17.1 – Handstand/Plank Challenge

Throughout the Open/Affiliate Cup, we will be having challenges and themes to earn points for your team. Most points at the end of the Open wins the affiliate cup. And the Weekly Challenges are a way to earn points outside of just partaking and doing the workouts! It’s for fun, and publicity of your fitness, our gym, the community and more.

This week’s challenge is all about the handstand!

Each team member can add an additional point this week by completing the challenge before Friday at 6:30 pm. Please post your photo to your social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) and tag @BadgerCrossFit #BadgerCrossFit #BadgerBuilt #InTheOpen and #Hashtag team name.

The photo must be done at work or school or in a public place!

*If you are unable to do a handstand safely, a wall walk or plank will be just fine.

This week’s theme:

Your team pride! Show your team spirit and have fun with it!