2013 CrossFit Games Open details


2013 CrossFit Games Open details

Ladies and gentlemen of Badger CrossFit,

The 2013 competition season is quickly approaching and at our facility we set some standards that you need to be aware of.

1) Anyone who is a member at BCF can register and compete in the 2013 OPEN. Please go to http://games.crossfit.com/ and follow the links that say “COMPETE HERE” Log in/sign up.
2) As a member of our gym your scores will need to be validated by a judge at our gym and submitted through the games.crossfit.com website.
3) You will need to register for our gym/team, which will be labeled as “Badger CrossFit”

Now, once you are signed up and plan on competing, we have a few rules and standards that apply.

1) We will program and host the workouts on Saturday’s as our scheduled class times from 10am to 11:30am.
2) You can perform the OPEN workout earlier on Thursday or Friday if you want.
3) You must have a judge watching range of motion, validating movement and counting your reps as prescribed for your effort to count.
4) Tyler, Troy, Christine, Eric, Justin, Kevin and Robb must be present in the gym for the effort to count. (We don’t necessarily have to be the judge watching you workout).
5) If you are traveling out of town you can perform the open workout at another affiliate to get your score accounted for.

TEAM and/or INDIVIDUAL competitors.

Some of our athletes in our gym are looking to get on the BCF team or go on to compete as an individual. Pay attention to these rules.

1) All the current rules apply the same to you also.
2) If you declare that you are going for INDIVIDUAL, you can attempt the workouts as many times as you like to achieve best score.
3) If you declare that you are going for TEAM, you have 1-scored attempt at the OPEN workout.
4) If you are trying to be on the team, the top 3 men and 3 women placing after the open is finished will be awarded the spots on the team.
5) If there are any ties between athletes after the open is finished. The tie-breaker goes to the athlete with the highest finish from the 5 open workouts.
6) Affiliate team members must be able to train in the Comp WOD class on a regular basis
7) Athletes may give their spot up if they feel another athlete would be better suited for the regional events, this is up to the athlete who earned their spot and nobody else.