1/5 “Tuesday”


1/5 “Tuesday”

30 Day Reset participants (do before strength work):
TEST 1: Warmup and take one attempt to establish max Strict Pullups
Rest as needed, then perform
TEST 2: Max Hanging L-Sit

3 Sets:
a) Paused Push Press x 5 reps (pause in dip)
b) Single leg RDL w/ barbell x 10/leg
c) Handstand Hold practice x ME with perfect form

3 sets:
a) TnG Push Press x 10 reps AHAP (no pauses anywhere, work on cycling)
b) Pistols x 6-8/leg
c) Handstand Walk practice x ME distance with good form


Fitness and Performance:
TESTS 3 and 4
100 AKB Swings (55/35) (30 Day Reset participants: 2K Row instead)
50 Goblet Squats (55/35)
30 Pullups
50 Slam Balls (35/25)
30 T2B
100 Double-Unders

Notes: 25 min cap for all.