1/4 30 Day Fitness and Nutrition Reset kicks off today!


1/4 30 Day Fitness and Nutrition Reset kicks off today!


This week announcements:

We will be doing 9 TESTS for those in the BCF Nutrition Series: 30 Day Nutrition Reset, which startrs up TOMORROW! RSVP on the FB page AND sign up for the emails HERE. Our pre-Reset testing days will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, but feel free to make them up during open gym times or whenever possible! Tests will be re-tested 6 weeks from now (not right at the end of the challenge).

If you are interested in joining this, you have little time, so sign up now. I am closing the email system to signups by 8pm TONIGHT. I am sending emails to those on the list first thing tomorrow with all the details.

Badger CrossFit PRESENTS....

Also, I am starting a 30 Day Fitness challenge. These workouts are not going to be anything earth-shattering for you if you come to class frequently. Its purpose was to inspire and help the greater community of Wisconsin get more fit (help sedentary people not be) so please share this page if you can on your timeline. I’m happy to offer this, and glad to do so. No-strings attached.




Fitness: Back Squat, KB Row, Front Rack Box Step-up
Performance: 20 Rep Back Squat, Front Rack Box step-up, KB Row


Fitness: Box Jumps, Burpees/Squat thrusts
Performance: Burpee Box Jumps