12/7 Monday!


12/7 Monday!

In an attempt to get you to schedule things out so you don’t miss your lift/strength work, here is this week’s strength-menu du’jour (Fitness/Perf):

Monday – Squats and pullup work
Tuesday – Push Press/Split Jerk
Wednesday – Sprints/Sled, Pendlay Row, Broad Jump/Seated High Box Jumps, Airbike sprints
Thursday – Clean work or FS/Cleans
Friday – Overhead squat/Snatch complex
Saturday – Core work
Sunday – Make up day

Hope this helps. If you like it, I can keep it going.



1) 3×5 Back Squat – the last set will be a MAX EFFORT rep set.
2) 5 Sets: 3 sec. chin over bar hold + 6 sec. lower + 3 sec. hang

Note: For the back squat, if you missed last week do your sets at 80% with the last set being a max effort rep set. If you did this last week, add 5-10 pounds based on feel, but remember we will continue to add weight each week for another 6 weeks or so.

1) 20 Rep Back Squat
2) 1 Set Max Effort Pullups (anyhow)

Notes: For the 20 rep back squat, if you missed last week warm up and do one set of 20 reps at 60%. If you did the 20 reps last week, add 5-10 pounds based on feel, but remember we will be continuing to add weight each week for another 6 weeks or so.


Fitness and Performance:
Thrusters, power cleans, row (P: airbike)



Nothing says PRs like scratchy wool…(?)
On December 12th we are inviting all members to show-up and show-off their combined strength and fashion sense. No toiling with gymnastics rings, rowers, or assault bikes this holiday season. Iron bars, rubber plates, and woolen sweaters will be the only tools you need to celebrate the closing of another year at Badger CrossFit.

Your CrossFit Total will be the sum of the best three attempts at the squat, the press, and the deadlift, the three most effective lifts in existence for developing and testing functional strength. The only price of admission for this strength test will be an ugly sweater. We want to see your brightly colored and highly patterned wool mosaics, the sweater that has only gotten a few hours of sunlight since Grandma gifted it to you nearly a decade ago. The general rule of thumb: the more – the better!


WHERE: O’Brien’s Irish Pub on Vliet

WHEN: 7pm til ?, Friday, December 18th!

WHO: BCF Members +1 Family/Friend

WHAT: Our 5th BCF Christmas Party!

All of our BCFers are invited to our Christmas Party! Every person/family that comes should bring a tasty dish. If you aren’t sure what to bring, just ask the staff for ideas!

We will also be playing CrossFit Santa. If you want to participate, please bring a wrapped gift with a value of $5 – $20. We ask that it be something fitness related, even if it’s humorable!

Note: This is not a White Elephant, where the worst gift wins!

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. See you there!

+++Apparel Order+++

We ran into snags, but we finally got the clothing company that we wanted for the 3/4 cut sleeve shirts, as well as hooded sweatshirts! We will be making this order this week. Stay on the lookout for the apparel announcement here and on Facebook!

+++Adopt a Family+++

You are all amazing! We filled the gift box! Updates soon!