1/25 “Monday”


1/25 “Monday”


Fitness: Front Squats, Backward sled drag, KB Row
Performance: Front squats, Backward sled drag, Weighted pullup


Fitness: DB Burpees, DB Thrusters, Pullups
Performance: C2B Pullups


WE WANT YOU… to Register for the 2016 CrossFit Open

Registration for the 2016 CrossFit Open went live this past Friday. Get crackin’! There will be Rx’d and scaled versions of each workout, so you can only help BCF’s team by signing up. Even if you do one rep for one of the WODs, it won’t bring the team down. We just want you to join us! Sign up here, and don’t forget to register as a BCF athlete.

Register for the 2016 CrossFit Open

Why join the Open? First, as of last year, the Open includes both Rx’d and Scaled divisions, so don’t fret if you don’t have Muscle-Ups yet. Second, registering for the Open is good for the whole BCF community.  Even if you do only one rep for one of the WODs, it won’t bring the team down. The third reason is a little more complicated. Read this great article…

Why Compete?

By Chris Fox
Originally posted on 12.1.2012

As a youth I was not very involved in competitive sports, so I can’t speak to that angle on why competition is a healthy aspect of training as an adult. Sure, I’ve played some pick up football, basketball, rugby, baseball, etc… but the consequences were only week to week, never having long lasting meaning to me. As an adult I have found new meaning in what training and testing mean to me. I’ve trained with intention and set performance goals for more than a decade and found CrossFit within the past 6 years. CrossFit was the first time that I had ever really tested my performance in a competition setting. The beauty of Crossfit, and the related fitness sports that go along with it like powerlifting, olympic lifting, strongman/women, adventure races, etc… is that while you are ‘competing’ with the people you’re sharing floor/track/trail/platform space with, you must also compare your performance to your own previous performances. Sometimes the goal may be to only finish an event. First time out? Just get through it with success. Other times it may be to best your previous years placement or possibly to achieve a top place in an event. In my case the goal is to get better as an athlete and to not slip backward as the competitive environment gets more and more, well, competitive.

I have no illusions of winning any powerlifting meets, Olympic meets, the CrossFit Games, or even any of the local throwdown style events. Does that mean that my participation is silly? Hell NO! I get to hang with some cool folks, push my limits, and measure where I lay not only in comparison to my fellow athletes but also in relation to my previous self. As a (very) soon to be 40 year old male, society would have me believe that my best days are behind me. I respond with a resounding “NOT” and strive year after year to be a bit better that the me from the year before. I enjoy the process, the goal setting, and the satisfaction of knowing that I prepared for an event as best as I could. Or, in learning what I might do differently  the next go around.

We test ourselves day in, day out at CFSBK. There are metrics to be recorded for sure, and you should be tracking them regularly. I encourage you all, however, to step outside of your comfort zone once in a while and and test your performance in those not so cozy places where the others are. You might find out that you hate it, but you might also find out that it inspires you to be better or at least have some outside of the box fun. At the very least you’ll have learned something about yourself.