12/30 “Wednesday”


12/30 “Wednesday”

New Years Resolutions and the Crossroads

The New Year is fast approaching. Some people will be looking to join CrossFit for the first time. Some of you others will be making that resolution to get back on track and get your butt back in the gym. Regardless of your reason to get to the gym, you need to understand what you need to do to stay in the gym.

I’ve coached a lot of CrossFit group sessions over the last 9 years. It funny how many times I’ve heard someone say, “This is hard!” It doesn’t matter if you are new or you’ve been training CrossFit for years. I hear “This is hard!” from everyone. Luckily, I’ve coached so many people over the years that I can easily relay stories of CrossFit accomplishments. If you’ve been around CrossFit long enough, you know what stories I am talking about. There is the story of the girl who can easily knock out multiple 400m runs in a workout but when she started, she couldn’t run 400m without having to walk for a portion. There is always that guy who couldn’t finish a workout when he started, but now he finishes workouts no problem. There are always those great weight loss stories. The examples go on and on. Some of these success stories might even be about you.

CrossFit is awesome because it’s so unlike any training that most people have tried. Most people who start have never done interval training at high intensity, or lifted weights, or worked out with a group. So if CrossFit is so great, why do people end up quitting??? People quit because of that statement, “This is hard!”

I first heard this from James Fitzgerald, aka OPT:

CrossFit training is really just about your ability to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

It’s not for everyone. Modern day humans do everything they can to make their lives as comfortable as possible. People quit because after a day, or a week, or a month, or even years, they realize that even when they scale their workout to fit what they are physically capable of doing, a CrossFit workout is always going to be “hard.”

I personally don’t find anything pleasant about short, high intensity workouts. Long distance running actually gives you a “runners high.” Short CrossFit workouts just make you feel miserable. There is no getting high from doing a workout like “Fran.” What you do get from CrossFit training is awesome results. Ask anyone who has been training for any period of time whether or not they are in better shape than when they started, if not the best shape of their entire life. If you are willing to put in the work, positive things will happen. You just need to get over the fact that it’s ALWAYS going to be “hard.”

So to all you people who are planning to start the New Year with the goal of wanting to better yourself by starting CrossFit or coming back to CrossFit, realize that will soon arrive at the crossroads. The excuses to not come to the gym will get easier to make. It’s how you act on those excuses that makes you or breaks you. I will tell you right now that the couch is always a much more comfortable place to be than in the middle of a conditioning workout at the gym. There is nothing rewarding about watching an entire episode of American Idol under a blanket on the couch. There is a great sense of accomplishment when you finish a CrossFit workout.

Being comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s hard. In the years I have been training people, those that embrace training hard in the gym are usually the same folks who are taking life by the horns and going for a wild and fun ride. When you are done reading this, go look in the mirror. That hard working person is looking back at you in the mirror. Some of you just gotta dig deeper to get that person out.

See you at the gym.

BtN Snatch Grip Push Press + Overhead Squat, Battling Rope alternating slams, Hand-over-hand pulls -or- rope climbs

Hang Snatch + Overhead Squat, Battling Rope alternating slams, Hand-over-hand pulls -or- rope climbs

Wall Balls, Shuttle Sprints (30’ from rack to whiteboard – the short way)), plank hold

Wall Balls (20/14), Pushups, Calorie AB, Double-unders, Calorie AB, Pushups, Wall Balls


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