12/29 “Tuesday”


12/29 “Tuesday”

Fitness and Performance:
Bench Press, RDL, Handstand hold

Fitness and Performance:
Deadlifts (225/155 or 80%(P)), Row sprint


+++The BCF Nutrition 30 Day Reset is coming up January 4th! Please RSVP here if you plan to make a life change with the gym (you need to be a member of our private facebook group if you want to do this — email us if you want in!). You don’t want to miss this. Also, everyone on the list will be getting emailed lots of communication about the program! If you are not on the Facebook event, you will not get these emails!

+++Please be sure to have a change of shoes with the snowy weather! We will not allow wet shoes on the floors! The snow, salt and water really can mess up our equipment (rust), makes the floors dirty, and compromises your safety. Thank you for your cooperation!

+++Coach Sara will be out of town from Tuesday, the 29th through Monday, the 4th. If you are having any membership issues, please send an email to [email protected] as opposed to [email protected]

+++Registration for the 2K Row in Madison is now live. Anyone that wants to test their 2K row, this is your chance! Some of the best rowers in the US will be here. Why not hang with them!https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/?job_id=4485