12/29 “Monday”


12/29 “Monday”


Fitness: Clean Pull/Clean, Kipping swing, DB Row
Performance: Clean Pull/Clean, Kipping swing, static chin holds


All: Thrusters, Pullups, Box Jumps, Burpees

This Week’s Extra Aerobic Conditioning
*You are not to perform this extra aerobic work unless you have talked with Adam/Tyler. Also, after this week, we will ONLY be posting these in the Competitors private Facebook group.


30 seconds Airdyne @ MAX EFFORT
Rest 3 minutes
x10 rounds


1 minute Airdyne
1 minute Row
x15 Rounds


60 minutes Airdyne
*Every 5 minutes, row 1:30 @ best 2K avg pace.

Member Announcements:

  • This week, our schedule is as follows:
    Wednesday, only one PM class at 4:30pm.
    Thursday, closed. We may host open gym.
    Friday, normal times.
  •  We are excited to push out a new video, courtesy of Stacey Nash, a BCF athlete. If you see her around the gym, thank her for making us look great! Thank you so much Nash Attack!
  • For the Level 2 athletes who have tested into our additional programming, we will be putting in the extra Olympic WL volume, the aerobic conditioning and gymnastics work throughout the week in the Google Doc you’re all used to. If you don’t have access to this, let us know.For those of you following performance programming, follow what is on the whiteboard each day. You shouldn’t do additional work unless you have talked with Adam or myself.

    If you have any questions, please let us know.