12/24 “Thursday”


12/24 “Thursday”

Please be advised that the 930am class is now full. If you did not sign up for a slot in this class, we ask that you please come in at an earlier time. We simply will not be able to accommodate more than 30 people for this WOD-for both the sake of equipment and the sake of safety. If you did not sign up for this class time, please do not show up to it. Please also be advised that there is a 40 min time cap and we will be strict on this.

12 Days of Christmas WOD:

1 Christmas Power Snatch (95# / 65#) (Scale: Power Clean with DB)

2 Ring dips (scale: Parallete dip)

3 Burpees

4 Pull-ups (Scale: ring row)

5 Toes-2-Bar (Scale: Tuckups)

6 Push-ups

7 Air-Squats

8 Jumping Lunges (each jump = 1)

9 Box Jumps (20″ for Men & Women)

10 10′ Wall-Balls (20# / 14#)

11 KBS (53# / 36#)

12 Thrusters (95# / 65#) (Scale: DBs)

This workout is done just like the song….Round 1 = 1 Christmas Power Snatch, Round 2 = 2 Ring Dips and 1 Power Snatch, Round 3 = 3 Burpees, 2 Ring Dips and 1 Power Snatch ….etc. Until all 12 rounds are complete.

Due to the amount of people for this WOD, you most likely need to partner up. Sharing is caring! Both partners complete all # of reps for that movement. Go back and forth until complete.