12/23 “Wednesday”


12/23 “Wednesday”

BtN Strict Press, BtN Snatch Grip Push Press, Snatch Grip RDL (pause at knee for 2 sec), Hang Power Snatch, Overhead Squat

BtN Snatch Grip Push Press, Snatch Balance from a rack, Hang Squat Snatch, Squat Snatch, Single Overhead Squat


Double-unders (scale: single unders), DB Snatch (alt), Goblet Squat w/ DB, Wall Walks.

Double-unders, DB Squat Snatch (50/35), GHD Situps, HSPU

The holiday season is intended to be a season of joy, celebration, and good times spent with family and friends. Yet somehow, many of us find ourselves stressed, overwhelmed, and inundated with expectations. It can be difficult to set boundaries and to deal with our anxiety in healthy ways. I know that come the holiday season, I binge eat cookies and chocolate like they’re going out of style :). Luckily, Eat To Perform put out this great article on how to survive the Holidays. Check it out here:

Member News:

+++12 days of Christmas WOD (12/24)
We have added an 8am class in addition to the others, as we are getting nailed with drop-ins and such and want to ensure we get those who want to workout are able to do so. The 9:30 is almost full. If you want to come in, you must RSVP! No exceptions as this WOD requires a lot of equipment! If a class is listed as full, it is FULL, you can either jump on the wait list, or select a different time. Please do not come in and assume there will be room for you.

The 8am class is not a “class,” but rather, coaches Jarrod and Christine will be doing the workout as well, and you guys are able to join them. So, please be sure you know this going into this class, and most of all, have fun and be safe! If you are a FUNCTION specific member, we request you to come to either the 530am, 630am, or 930am classes. A coach will be available during these hours to provide you scaling options.

+++Registration for the 2K Row in Madison is now live. Anyone that wants to test their 2K row, this is your chance! Some of the best rowers in the US will be here. Why not hang with them!https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/?job_id=4485

+++BCF Retail+++

We just received more SFH! We did not place a pre-order this time around but you can buy in-house. Please check out products with the new ipad kiosk. Instructions are right next to the Ipads. If you want to check out with the card on file, you’ll need your Zen Planner PW on hand. If you forget your PW, you can check out as a “guest person” and enter in your cc info. FYI this is the same system for checking out anything in the retail store!