12/2 “Wednesday”


12/2 “Wednesday”

Close-grip Bench Press, Horizontal ring row hold(P: Bar Muscle ups), Barbell Rollouts(P:Ab wheel roll-outs), Tuck hold/L-sit on Parallettes

Fitness and Performance:
Row (cal), DB Box step-overs (24/20 @ 35/20# each hand), Box jumps with step down


+++Apparel Order+++

We ran into snags, but we finally got the clothing company that we wanted for the 3/4 cut sleeve shirts, as well as hooded sweatshirts! We will be making this order this week. Stay on the lookout for the apparel announcement here and on Facebook!


Until further notice, no one is to park in the loading dock where the trucks come and go. The Company that operates out of that loading dock has requested us not to park there any further. We might be able to use it in the early morning hours and afternoon hours, but until I hear otherwise no parking there until further notice. We will be putting cones up there as well. Thanks for your cooperation!

Adopt-a-Family update:
Dec 6 is the last day to bring in your gifts from the Adopt-a-Family tree or donate monetarily to support the Baines family. Wrap your gift, tape the tag to the top and put it in the blue bin by the front desk. And thank you thank you thank you for loving on this family during the holidays!