12/16 “Wednesday”


12/16 “Wednesday”

Fitness and Performance:
Skater Squats (P: Pistols), Standing Barbell Twists, Hammer Curls, Pushups
Row (P: AB Sprint)

Wall Balls (20/14), Burpees

Member News:

+++Christmas Eve Schedule:
530am, 6:30am, and 9:30am Classes only!
Sign up as usual!

+++Registration for the 2K Row in Madison is now live. Anyone that wants to test their 2K row, this is your chance! Some of the best rowers in the US will be here. Why not hang with them! https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/?job_id=4485

+++Don’t forget about the BCF Christmas party! On Dec. 18th! More details in the left-hand sidebar under “events”

+++BCF Retail+++
We just received more SFH! We did not place a pre-order this time around but you can buy in-house. Please check out products with the new ipad kiosk. Instructions are right next to the Ipads. If you want to check out with the card on file, you’ll need your Zen Planner PW on hand. If you forget your PW, you can check out as a “guest person” and enter in your cc info. FYI this is the same system for checking out anything in the retail store!