12/15 “Thursday”


12/15 “Thursday”

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In this week's #techniquetuesday we talk about the transition. In part 1 (https://instagram.com/p/BNZ9lj8lBcU/) we talked about the kipping swing. Here in the second installment, we go over the transition and the best way to develop it — Most of the time, we see this done quickly and explosively, which really doesn't do much for the muscle development of the movement. In fact it can be seen almost the same as trying to kip pull-up before you have a strict, we we advise most not to do unless the shoulders are healthy and strong. Same with the muscle-up muscles. The stronger you are, the easier this movement will become. Slowly work on the turnover as seen, and your confidence and abilities to get this movement will greatly increase. Later on, we will show you how to perform a dynamic translation — If you need assistance with this movement or need guidance from our coaches that you're just not getting, please contact us. We can work remotely with you as well — #crossfit #badgercrossfit #wauwatosa #wauwatosacrossfit #performance #lifestyle #fitfam #technique #movement #muscleup #rings #gymnasty #gymnastics #badgerbuilt #bcf #milwaukee #reebokrecognized #coaching #bestofthebest

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Foam Roll Lats/tspine, Lax ball scap/pec, Foam Roll Hamstrings

Overhead barbell hold, Barbell Row

Double-KB Swings, Double-KB Front Squats, Double-KB Front Rack walking lunges, Row