12/12 “Thurs”


12/12 “Thurs”


3 Rounds
25 KB Swings (55/35)
15 Front Rack Step-ups (115/75) (20”)
5 Muscle Ups (Sub 10 strict pullups/10 ring dips)

“I can’t tell you how to achieve success all the time but I can tell you how to achieve success most of the time. Go all in.  It’s that simple.  Narrow your focus and close in for the kill, for the win.

Take your hands and push your chips to the center of the table.  Do it with deliberation and purpose.

I have a terrible poker face.  I once had a winning hand which I revealed on the table before the final bets were made.  I ended up losing the hand even though I had the best cards. But there is one trick I like to use which doesn’t require a poker face.

When I get my cards I don’t look at them until it is time to flip ‘em.
I keep up with the ante and raise the stakes.  This technique throws most people for a loop.  They don’t know what I have and they can’t read me because I don’t know what I have.  It’s my own way of going ‘all in’.

The truth is I could have shit for cards.  But I’m not thinking about that now.  All I am thinking about is taking that pot and raking those chips to my corner of the table. Total focus. Total commitment. Total willingness to leap into the unknown for the possibility of the greatest gain.  I don’t want to live any other way. And neither should you.”
-Collin Babcock.

Member News!

Important events to write in your calendar!

Friday @ 730 is the Christmas Party!!!
Saturday at 9am. There is a benefit WOD at CrossFit Oak Creek. It’s in honor of a local young man who recently passed away after a heart transplant. His brother is an athlete at Oak Creek. You can either go to CrossFit Oak Creek to do it, or we will be hosting the same WOD at BCF at the 9 am classes. If you’re interested in donating and learning more about Shawn you can do so here: http://www.stayingstrong4shawn.com/.
Or you can leave a donation here on Saturday and we will get it to them.
Saturday at 11a we are hosting a “Active Release Therapy Workshop!” with Ann Manatt!


New Retail information-

-We are no longer going to be ordering Steve’s or RX bars to stock the Badger Crossfit online store. However, we will be making special orders of RX Bars on the 15th of each month. Orders are to made by quantity of boxes(there are 10 in a box and each box is 30.00). If you would like to place an order please fill in your name, quantity of boxes, and flavor in this google spreadsheet> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aner1DYTxgtidGZidEd5UmhPTHJHSnp3TEZ4UC1nYVE&usp=sharing
We will need your order before the 15th of each month and we won’t charge you until your order comes in.

-Even though we will no longer be ordering Steve’s regularly, we still have a few of the paleo kits and paleo stix available which you can purchase in the online store. We will also continue to stock apparel items.

-Reebok shoes, NEW NANO 4.0!

As Wisconsin’s only CrossFit Reebok Affiliate we have the opportunity to pre-order the new Nano 4.0 now. They will not be released to the public until this summer and we will get them 2-weeks earlier. If you are interested here are the colors; we need to pre order by Thursday, December 12th. You will not get billed until they arrive – JUNE 25! Contact us today! [email protected]

-Holiday retail special:
Get the LS and SS BCF Tee for only $35.00. Deal ends Jan 1st. Purchase in the BCF Online Store, through your zen planner account and pick up in the gym.

You cannot access the Zen planner store on your phone. The “store” feature only works with lap tops and desk tops.

If you are having issues purchasing please email us at [email protected]! Happy Holidays!