12/10 “Tuesday”


12/10 “Tuesday”

Row 1k
50 Double-Unders
Row 750m
75 Double-Unders
Row 500m
100 Double-Unders

Notes: 20 min cap

Member news!

-Information on the BCF annual Christmas party can be found in the blog entry that was posted earlier today!

-Holiday retail special:
Get the LS and SS BCF Tee for only $35.00. Deal ends Jan 1st. Purchase in the BCF Online Store, through your zen planner account and pick up in the gym.

You cannot access the Zen planner store on your phone. The “store” feature only works with lap tops and desk tops.

If you are having issues purchasing please email us at [email protected]! Happy Holidays!
holiday deal

-Those in the upcoming Olympic lifting class:

The new session starts this Wednesday! You will all need to RSVP to the class and sign-in like always. We need to know #s for the coaches please. Also, please ensure you have your Oly shoes for the platforms. No street shoes!

If you haven’t paid for the program, you will need to by Wed. Or we have to give up that spot for someone on the waitlist. Please let us know if you have questions!

-Reebok shoes, NEW NANO 4.0!

As Wisconsin’s only CrossFit Reebok Affiliate we have the opportunity to pre-order the new Nano 4.0 now. They will not be released to the public until this summer and we will get them 2-weeks earlier. If you are interested here are the colors; we need to pre order by Thursday, December 12th. You will not get billed until they arrive – JUNE 25! Contact us today! [email protected]