1/20 “Wednesday”


1/20 “Wednesday”

Fitness and Performance:
Overhead Squats work, (P: Snatch work), Barbell Curls, Skull Crushers

Jump Rope Singles, Air squats, Calorie AirBike, Wall Balls
Double-unders, Air Squats, Calorie AirBike, Wall Balls (20/14)

Another “badger connection!” Congrats to Dan and Brandi on their engagement!

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Orders due by Monday 8am! Delivery by Friday!

=-=-= BOOTCAMP -=-=-=
If you frequent our website, you may have noticed a post about our 6 week BOOTCAMP! If you are currently enrolled in our FUNCTION program or CrossFit program, keep it up! The BOOTCAMP program is designed to be a jump off point for a long-term fitness journey. We trust that if you are currently engaged in CrossFit or Function, you are already on that journey and we hope to continue to help you along the way through the respective program you are currently engaged in. If you have taken some time off from CrossFit or feel that your nutrition and fitness have derailed over the past few months, we want to help you get back on track and BOOTCAMP 1.0 may be right for you! If you have questions on this, don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] or shoot us a phone call at 414-979-9348so we can point you in the right direction.
Read more about it here: https://www.badgercrossfit.com/programs/bootcamp/

=-=-= MOBILE APP -=-=-=
We have exciting news! You can now download Zen Planner’s mobile app to view our calendar and book classes from your phone!

You will now be able to do the following from the app:
-Reserve a class, add yourself to a waitlist and cancel your reservation
-View all class information, including: Name, Description & Spaces Remaining
-View Instructor Pictures & Bios (if we enable)
-View “Who’s Coming” to classes (if we enable)

There is now NO excuse to NOT RSVP for a class. Per policy, please sign up for all classes and events.

If you have any questions concerning the app, you can access the help documentation on their website.

We hope you enjoy the app!

-=-=- WINTER STUFF -=-=-

The snow, ice and cold is making it tough out there! But please remember that we need you to bring a pair of DRY shoes onto the rubber mats. Few reasons…

1. Keeps them clean. Unless you want to clean up for us?!
2. Prevents rusting of equipment (esp barbells)
3. Keeps you safe (no water or slippery shoes – split jerk with wet feet anyone?)
4. Keeps the cleaners happy. They have enough work to do.
5. Keeps everyone happy. Clean gym = happy people.

Also, there is sign on the side door that says “USE OTHER DOOR.” Follow that direction if you do not need to use the bathrooms to change. And DO NOT walk with wet shoes around the gym to the bathrooms. You’re tracking in the bad stuff.

Thanks for your cooperation.