11/8 “Monday”


11/8 “Monday”


Back Squats, Supinated ring rows


Fitness: Renegade rows, run, wall balls
Performance: Pullups, run, thrusters


This week and next week will be the last 2 weeks in the cycle. Thanksgiving week will be a deload week. Expect higher volume squatting and more technical met-cons for the performance group after this cycle is over. Fitness, expect similar, but more of the high intensity, simpler movements and amazing fitness we will give you.

Some of you may have noticed recently that many of my WODs lately are atypical “CrossFit” style wods (which I define as > 12 min w/o rest). Mine have been with lots of built-in rest. I’ve been playing with 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 work:rest ratios for the last 4-6 weeks, and this will continue until the end of the cycle and even more going forward. Why? I am wanting a true HIIT response on WODs as I’ve been seeing a decrease of intensity level and increase in poor mechanics when we go with the ‘typical’ metcon. This isn’t anything new – it happens to everyone. Elite athletes to beginners experience degregation of technique as time goes on. See the following to support my logic:


The whole goal here is to make sure you have you best fitness through quality movement, intensity and ultimately, results. Results = Intensity. Intensity = Results. Workouts shouldn’t add stress to your life as injury prevents people from getting fit. So does soreness, plateauing and overtraining (under-recovering?). Yes, I/we love the long, grinding, crazy metcons at times, and we will do those still, but with caution and thought, in the interest of continual improvement. I’m still learning a lot about this via your results (keep tracking so I can see!). And so far, the results have been great. People are making big lifts, strength is going up, the body is becoming more balanced in terms of strong/weakside work, you’re less sore, you’re not as achy, etc. etc. Time will tell. And we will know more during testing weeks. Either way, I’m always learning and ensuring I stay on top of my game so you can stay on top of yours!

For THIS week’s programming, a few things to note:

On THURSDAY the 12th, the Performance group will be weightlifting the entire hour on the platforms. Get in earlier, warmup and get to it. Only those that are proficient in the snatch and CJ will be able to partake in this, since our coaches will be running the fitness WOD/Strength and you will be “unsupervised” of sorts. This is a rare occurrence. Help each other out! If you’re not able to snatch/CJ, stay with fitness programming.

Any questions, please let me know!

See you in the gym! -Tyler


Member News:
+++Check out our new “Events” page for all the Badger CrossFit happenings (including our “21 day Sugar Detox” challenge”). FYI, if you’re CrossFitting or working out more than 5 days a week, or CrossFitting and have an extremely active lifestyle/job, you will have to make some tweaks. If you have questions about this, ask Tyler, Adam, or Sara for insight. Cutting out sugar is going to benefit you no matter what, but you’ll need to keep the oats, potatoes, sweet potatoes, or rice to meet your caloric needs.
Events page: https://www.badgercrossfit.com/category/news/

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