11/7 “Saturday”


11/7 “Saturday”

Shooting for that ever-elusive pull up? Some great thoughts from Craig Maker and Breaking Muscle on when not to use bands. For the WOD, chat with your coach, but when working on the skill by yourself, here are some good things to keep in mind.
“A while back I wrote that banded pull ups were like drugs. Once you start, you have a hard time quitting. For beginners I still agree there are much better ways to learn how to do strict pull ups. But for advanced athletes, using a band as resistance – not assistance – can build the ability to get the chin over the bar.

The negative portion of the pull up will build your strength much quicker.

Say No to Bands for Assistance

One of the biggest reasons I am against the use of bands for beginners is that they provide inconsistent assistance. Bands assist most in the bottom of the movement and least in the top. Imagine someone is spotting you on a bench press and he yanks on the bar for you in the bottom position. At the top of the press, he is off checking his phone. The banded pull up is similar in how it assists people.

This inconsistent assistance prevents beginners from gaining strength as quickly as they could. I call it band purgatory. People start using bands and a year later they are still stuck. A better option is to do a jumping pull up followed by a slow negative movement. The negative or eccentric portion will build your strength much quicker.”

From: http://breakingmuscle.com/strength-conditioning/say-yes-to-banded-pull-ups-but-not-for-assistance

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