3/17 “Thursday”


3/17 “Thursday”

Your first member of the month for March is Andrew C.
Coaches Note: Andrew is a great addition to our community! He’s an enthusiastic learner who truly has a desire to see improvement! He comes to class with a positive attitude and a great sense of humor! This drive has pushed him to grow in efficiency as a lifter and develop better movement and mechanics. Drew is known in the 7am classes for his powerhouse engine and endurance. We’re excited to see how Drew continues to grow in strength and speed!


Wauwatosa, WI

Age: 22

Crossfitting since? 2015

A little about yourself:

I am currently finishing my last semester of college at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I also work part time as an Emergency Medical Technician. In May, I’ll be moving to Montana to work with the Fish and Wildlife Service. I started running in high school cross-country and just never stopped. I also studied martial arts for a while, which introduced me to HIIT (though we just called them sparring matches).

What was your background before you started CrossFit?

My aerobic foundation was pretty good coming into CrossFit, and I was used to doing body weight exercises. But lifting has definitely taken some time to get used to.

How did you get into CrossFit?

I’d heard about CrossFit for a few years and always just figured I could do the same exercises on my own and not pay money for a gym membership. Last Fall I finally admitted to myself that that was just an excuse. I was really just afraid that CrossFit would show me how out of shape I was. Once I realized that I knew I had to do it. I emailed Tyler the next day to set up an intro class and here I am.

What is your favorite WOD or movement?

Anything that involves running.

Least favorite?

Overhead squat.

How has CrossFit changed you outside of the gym?

I definitely feel the functional fitness aspect of Crossfit a lot at work. Many times when I’m lifting a patient I can feel the muscle memory from weightlifting kick in, which makes the lifting safer for both me and the patient. I also sleep way better than I used to.

What makes Badger CrossFit unique?

I’ve never worked out with such a diverse group of people; different ages, backgrounds, fitness levels. It’s really remarkable the community that exists at Badger CrossFit.

What time do you WOD?

7am. I can’t fathom getting up any earlier.

What advice do you have for people first getting started?

Don’t worry about looking ignorant or out of shape in front of other people, and don’t get discouraged by how strong/fast/… anyone else might be. Just focus on you. Push yourself a little bit harder and a little bit more every workout. If you do what you can each and every workout, you’d be amazed at how quickly you’ll progress.
Clean, Power jerk
2-Position Clean, Jerk

Fitness and Performance:
Calorie AB, Slam Ball, Calorie Row, Static hold work


Member News:
Cancellation and RSVP changes:
We made the cancellation in the app/online now up to the hour. Feel free to cancel and RSVP within the hour, but the sooner the better!