11/30 “New back squat cycle!”


11/30 “New back squat cycle!”

We hope you all had a great weekend with family, friends and ate way too much food. We are so blessed to have what we have in America — to be able to come in to a same place to train our bodies, eat great food and be with great people with no worry to our safety is amazing. Blessed…

New Squat Cycle

Today marks day 1 of the new back squat routine — the 20-rep back squat. Popularized by Rich Froning’s crew in the CrossFit world, it’s a great program for developing strength, overcoming plateaus, challenging your mindset, breaking plateaus, and yes, increasing your squat. Perform it once and you’re done. Simple. 😉 Each Monday, we will be doing 1×20. If you miss it, you will do it on Tuesday or Wednesday. If you miss those 3 days, we will call your mother and ask where you are! 😉 It’s very important you make it in here for each squat session.

Fitness group: You will be doing something similar but simpler. 3×5 back squats, starting at 70-80% of 1RM, and the last set is maximum effort reps. More details will be told in classes!

Current Cycle

We will continue the normal routine of weightlifting, but increasing the frequency for the Performance group. Also for Performance group, we will be doing a lot more met-cons with heavier loads and technical movements. The back squat cycle will last us until mid-January or so, where we start the Open prep, increase conditioning and perform previous year’s Open workouts. Those performing Fitness programming need not worry about this, as we will always have a focus on improving you through training the energy systems equally, developing GPP (general physical preparedness), performing simpler movements for maximum intensity, and focusing on intensity. Intensity = results, always.

Next Squat Cycle Details

For the squat assault, select a resistance that you would normally use for a tough set of 12 repetitions, or even better and what we will start with (from last week’s 1RM test), 60% of your 1RM. With that resistance, perform 20 repetitions. Yes, it’s going to be challenging but you will find a way to do it. You can do it if you focus on the task at hand. Hang in there. Catch your breath between reps. Concentrate on getting one rep at a time.

Given proper recovery time (4-7 days will be our guide), your body will adapt to the previous overload stress, and it will be able to tolerate more. It’s a biological phenomena called the “principle of recovery adapatation.” You perform the stress, your body adapts to it and now you can physically do more next time. Make sure you are completely recovered prior to attempting the next 20-rep workout. You need a minimum of 4 days inbetween each session. It will take everything you have to achieve the 20-rep goal.

For the next 20-rep squat session, you are going to add at least 5 pounds to the bar (10 pounds max). Your goal again is 20-reps. You’re stronger as a result of the previous 20-rep “death march,” so you are capable of achieving 20-repetitions with slightly more resistance.

If you attack it with all-out effort you’ll accomplish it. Remember, you only added a few more pounds from the previous successful session so be confident you will achieve the 20-rep goal. It will be physically and mentally disgusting, but if you want to improve you’ll find a way to get it done.


Fitness: 3×5 Back Squat @70-80% 1RM; last set is max effort reps, Chin-over-rings holds
Performance: 1×20 Back Squat @60%, Strict C2B Pullups


Fitness: Thrusters, Burpees
Performance: Thrusters, Burpee-over-bar


+++Apparel Order+++

We ran into snags, but we finally got the clothing company that we wanted for the 3/4 cut sleeve shirts, as well as hooded sweatshirts! We will be making this order this week. Stay on the lookout for the apparel announcement here and on Facebook!