11/29 “Saturday”


11/29 “Saturday”

Celebrate Small Business Saturday. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our small business! We greatly appreciate you supporting us. Thank you to the City of Wauwatosa for giving us this opportunity to serve the community and beyond! We look forward to many years being here!

Starting Monday at 7:30pm is our Elements Course! The PM group meets at 7:30pM on Monday, Tues, and Wednesdays for 2 weeks (6 classes total). We will cover all our mechanics of movements, do workouts based on them, explain our methodology, our purpose, why we do what we do, nutritional strategies, recovery practices, supplements, you name it. This is the best Christmas present you can give someone, or yourself. Don’t delay!



Push press (P: Snatch Grip), toes to bar, wall walks


C2B Pullups, Push Press, Burpees, Double-unders