1/21 “Thursday”


1/21 “Thursday”

Fitness and Performance:
Push Press, GHD Back Extensions, (P: Push Jerk)

Manmakers 35/20 (P: 50/35), Reverse Bear Crawl, Squat Tuck Jumps (P: Alt. Pistols), Front Squats (115/75) (P: Overhead Squats 115/75), Medball Situps (P: GHD Situps), Double-KB Front Rack Hold (55/35 each hand), Calorie Row, Static Pushup Hold (1″ from floor – NOT touching the floor!)

Member News:

+++All items in lost and found will be donated by this Friday, water bottles included!

+++Grass Fed and Finished Beef, Whole Chickens, and local eggs for sale. Cash only, must be paid to Tyler before order day. Order to be placed on Monday, Jan 25th. Order to come on Friday, January 29th. Your order MUST be picked up that Friday. If you can’t pick it up, have a friend pick it up for you. https://www.badgercrossfit.com/food-order/