11/28 WOD: “The Battlefield” – and new class time.


11/28 WOD: “The Battlefield” – and new class time.

Monson working.

Amazing job tonight everyone! This was a Goliath of a challenge, and you tackled it. Very proud to see you all working the form, going full range, and making it happen right. Remember, form and ROM first, then weight and intensity. This is for life, and we have many days ahead of us. That is why we CrossFit.

In other news, Justin Heller, whom you’ve all been training with, will be going for his CrossFit Level 1 this weekend. He’s been helping us for a bit now, working with you, and is ready to take the next step in making you all a more fit person. He will be training the new 4:30PM class, Mon, Tue, and Wed, starting December 5th! We’re looking forward to his on-going instruction and presence in the gym! In addition, Chris Monson will also be joining Justin this weekend in attaining his L1. And then, next month, Christine Mutchie will be going for her L1 out east! It’s great to see our athletes getting better and crafting their athletic prowess!

Strength: Bench 1) 3 x 70%, 2) 3 x 80%, 3) 3+ x 90%

WOD: “The Battlefield” Five rounds of 15-Dead-Lifts,12-Hang power cleans, 9-Push Press, 6-Front

RX: 135/95, L-2: 115 / 75, L-1: 95 / 55.