11/27 “Black Friday”


11/27 “Black Friday”

For tomorrow…

We will only be having one class at 9:30am and we expect a large class. Please RSVP or get on the waitlist, or come to open gym from 1030-1230 to perform it if you’re flexible. The WOD can be performed with a partner or two; just start at different stations as needed to work for four minutes straight.

For Saturday/Sunday, we will be doing what we should have been doing if it weren’t a holiday, so Friday’s originally planned activities will be done on Saturday instead of a partner WOD, and Sunday will be the partner WOD. The schedule will be as normal as well.

We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!



Do in order, once…
a) Each person performs twice — wheelbarrow walks length of gym with a partner
b) Max effort plate pinch hold (men 45 each hand/ladies 25 each hand)
c) Max effort weighted plank hold (men 2-45’s, ladies 45#)
d) Max effort two-handed bar hang


(teams of 2-4 and each person starts on a different exercise if necessary for the large class)

4 Rounds
1 minute ME barbell thrusters (DO NOT DROP BAR)
1 minute ME T2B (scale = abmat situp)
1 minute ME KB Swing (55/35)
1 minute ME HS Hold (scale = box hold or plank hold)
1 minute rest