11/26 “Thanksgiving”


11/26 “Thanksgiving”


Enjoy your Thanksgiving and Clovis!

Here’s a nice post on this hero, if you’re wondering a bit on the background:

Ok here’s the logistics and other information for everyone doing BCF Turkey Trot – aka “Clovis” tomorrow.

Start time: 8am on the dot! Get in early to warmup and get in on the annual picture!
End time: 10:15am, meaning Coach Christine will lock the doors AT 10:15! She needs to get to Thanksgiving with her family.
Clothing: Wear proper running gear, rain gear, warm weather gear, a change of shoes, etc. It’s supposed to rain a lot!
Run Route: The run route will be written on the board by Christine.
Weather: Please note that it will be raining so please don’t make a mess in the gym, and bring a towel! Minimize your running in and out if possible, or switch to rowing, which I will detail below.
Workout: The workout is “Clovis.” This is 10 mile run, and 150 burpee pullups.

Workout breakdown options:
1. 10 rounds, 1 mile run, 15 burpee pullups
2. 5 Rounds, 2 mile run, 30 burpee pullups
3. 2 Rounds, 5 mile run, 75 burpee pullups
4. 1 round, 10 miles, 150 burpee pullups
5. 20 Rounds, 800m run, 10 burpee pullups (stop after round 15)

Workout Scaling options:
1. 10 Rounds, 800m Run, 10 burpees to 6″ target
2. 5 Rounds, 1 mile run, 20 burpees
3. 2 Rounds, 2 mile run, 50 burpees
4. 1 Round, 5 mile run, 100 burpees
5. 20 Rounds, 200m run, 5 burpees

The options are endless… You could even do this with a partner, two partners, etc. and complete it as a group anyhow! Whatever you think is most fun! But stay safe.

If you cannot do a pullup, scale to a ring row. If you haven’t ever done more than 100 pullups before, you aren’t going to start today 😛 ! Keep it lower volume. Also, if you haven’t ran more than 5 miles before, scale this too! Rhabdo is a real thing and a workout like this could make this occur (I’m serious). Please be smart. We are not responsible for you being in the ER on Thanksgiving due to your ego. We want you all to stay safe. If you haven’t done this amount of running before, or 150 pullups before, do not start today! This workout is not meant to be done as written by everyone. It’s mean to be scaled, heavily, to your ability. Please, please please use common sense.

Second, we have 28+ signed up for the event. You all need to be on time as the workout will start at 8am on the dot. You need to be in the gym before so you can get a group photo! If you’re late, you risk injury and of course, a shortened workout.

Third, the weather is going to suck as it might be raining bad. If it is, and you don’t care about getting wet, then run outside. But realize that you need to bring a towel with you, or you won’t be doing pullups. Water + Pullups? Not happening in my gym. Consider rowing 1600m instead of running. 1600m is approximately the same time domain as a mile run! Or use the airdyne for about 7-9 minutes worth (I believe it’s about 7-10 miles on the bike? Not sure.)

Lastly, enjoy yourselves. Remember, you’re not “earning” any extra pie. You’ve not “worked off” your extra stuffing. No need to justify anything. Enjoy yourselves. Have fun being able bodied individuals with a healthy lifestyle. We workout to fulfill our lives to a greater extent, not to degrade our being. Enjoy whatever you do today, with family or friends hopefully, and love on one another. Life is short; and you’re making the most of it today.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Coach Tyler