11/23 Thanksgiving Week!


11/23 Thanksgiving Week!

Happy Thanksgiving week to everyone! This week will be a great week of workouts leading up to the infamous day of gluttony, where we eat, drink and be thankful.  I specifically designed them to put you in a state of “that deserves two pumpkin pie slices with extra whip cream…” I hope everyone will have a great time on Thursday (or whenever you celebrate), as it should be a day in which you don’t care about your diet much. Spend your time with family, be thankful we have abundance, and appreciate your healthy lifestyle. Don’t stress the things you put into your mouth for this ONE day. Keep your stress low, drink a lot of water, and know that you can always come back to eating right. Also, as you all sure know, it’s what you do the other 353 days of the year that matter. Develop and keep your healthy habits. Stay the course.

For Thursday and Friday this week, we have a very limited schedule as our coaches are out with family or traveling. We only have 1 event on Thursday, and 1 class on Friday.  For Thanksgiving Day, Coach Christine will be leading the hero workout “Clovis” at 8am SHARP! Be in the gym earlier to get ready for it. If you are interested in it, please sign up for the event! If you want to use the gym while the class is going on, a coach must be present in the gym at all times. We have yet to secure a coach in the gym for the entire workout, so we will update you as needed in our facebook group. (Not a member? Email us and we will add you to our facebook group).

YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR CLASSES OR EVENTS! I cannot stress this enough, and quite frankly, it’s getting out of hand. We want you all to have the best experience imaginable, and it’s tough when we are outnumbered. We strive for 12:1 student:coach ratio for the larger classes. We as coaches try our best to make the class run as smoothly as possible, but when you show up without signing up, or just showing up, it messes things up, especially when we have only 1 coach for the class. We will continue to have 2 coaches for the 5 and 6am classes, as well as the 430 and 530pm classes (not all are 2 coaches, but we’re working on it). Please, please, please, sign up and RSVP to the class. Or you may find yourself waiting until the next class starts.

For this week, we test our back squat on Monday. It’s very important you get this in by week end for sure. We will then go into a deload of sorts, as we begin our transition to strength endurance, weightlifting and technical movements (mostly for performance groups) next week. Fitness groups can expect more of the same great stuff. But for those that want to know, we are heading into our next cycle.

Wintery updates — Now that we have snow (yes!), you will NOT be allowed to enter the gym mats or floors without a different pair of shoes than you wore coming in. The snow brings in water, and water rusts our equipment, causing increases in maintenance costs, and thus increases in costs to all.  Also, salt ruins things in a hurry, and it just accelerates the process of rust on our stuff. Again, NO WET SHOES!

Also, wipe down bars, equipment, mats… anything you touch, with bleach or vinegar water mix. This helps prevent the spread of germs. And one more thing — use hand sanitizer when you come in and when you leave. Keep the place as germ free as possible! Tis the season…



1RM Back Squat


Fitness: Pullup, Hang Power Clean + Front Squat
Performance: C2B Pullup, Hang Squat Clean

If you did not know, gym manager Sara L destroys not only wods, lifting, coaching and admin duties, but she destroys the vocal pips and acting like a boss! What an incredible talent she has. If you haven’t seen Coach and Manager Sara in action, you must!