11/22 “Tuesday”


11/22 “Tuesday”

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Name: Brian Tresedder Crossfitting since: October 2012 A little about yourself: I was born and raised in the U.P. (Upper Peninsula of Michigan). I’ve always loved being outdoors and active. I’m also very competitive, so any sport or game appeals to me. I moved to the Milwaukee area for college at Concordia University Wisconsin, where I also played on the tennis team. I still play some tennis today, but my main hobby during the summer is now golf. I also enjoy volleyball, waterskiing and during the winter I’m an avid downhill skier. How did you get into CrossFit? After graduating in May of 2012, I found that it was getting harder to motivate myself to go to the gym. Without having a team or sport that I was training for, workouts were becoming boring. The first time I heard about Crossfit was by randomly catching a replay of the Crossfit Games on tv. I then did some research into what Crossfit was about, and thought that it looked like something I would enjoy. At the time I was living in Grafton, so the closest gym to me was Crossfit Milwaukee. I went and tried a free class and like most people, was hooked right away. I moved to Tosa after getting married in August of 2015. Before moving I did research into a few gyms in the area. I had heard some great things about Badger, so I decided it would be the first gym I tried a class at. I am extremely happy I did! After the first class I knew I didn’t need to continue to look at other gyms. How has CrossFit changed you outside the gym? I work as a software developer, so I sit in front of my computer all day. I found out very quickly that being in front of a computer for 40+ hours a week is a great way to get out of shape. Crossfit has allowed me to continue to improve my fitness in the gym. Outside of the gym it allows me to continue an active lifestyle without losing a step. What makes Badger CrossFit unique? The community is great. I love that there is always someone in class to push you to go a little bit faster on the WOD. The coaches are all extremely knowledgable and the programming is great. #membermonday #motivation #badgercrossfit #badgerbuilt #wauwatosa #wisconsin #fitness #fitfam

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Mobility (Before class)

Foam Roll tspine, Banded shoulder, Super Rack, Couch

WOD #1
Deadlift, Double-unders

WOD #2