11/16 “Wednesday”


11/16 “Wednesday”

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The split jerk allows you to put the most weight over your head in all the should to overhead movements. It's also very easy to miss and do improperly due to the aggressive speed, footwork and positioning required. — Typically, new athletes work the press and push press for more time to develop strength and shoulder-readiness. Once those are down, we can and will introduce the jerks. — The first and easiest fault is the dip. It sets the lift up for either success or failure right away. Keep the torso upright, elbows static, and feet flat. Sometimes taller athletes will need to drive the knees out in this. Also, think of the "itch on the back" cue. It works! — The second fault is almost always an overextension of the rear leg in the split. This is usually a result of bad foot work and awareness of the rear leg. To make a catch happen, the bar should be in a line, from the bar to the shoulder, to the hip and to the knee. This will ensure proper weight distribution. — Last is the head through in the catch. The head should resemble the same position as the press. We often see the head behind the arms due to confidence of getting under the bar (lack thereof) or the positioning at a lighter load wasn't worked on long enough to reinforce the position at a heavier load. Lighter loads and technique before weight, always. — Use these tips and awareness to help improve your split jerk! — If you have movement questions about weightlifting, CrossFit, functional movement or anything else, see one of our qualified coaches, both @usa_weightlifting and @crossfit L2 certified. #badgercrossfit #badgerbuilt #milwaukee #wauwatosa #splitjerk #techniquetuesday #tuesday #tuesdaymotivation #tips #fitness #wauwatosacrossfit #milwaukeecrossfit

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Mobility (Before class)
Lax ball pec smash, Lax trap, Banded shoulder, Keg Drill

Strength #1
Strict HSPU

Strength #2
Front squat, back squat

Strength #3
Double-unders, Bar-facing Burpees

No metcon workout.