11/15 WOD: Mixed bag o’ goodies.


11/15 WOD: Mixed bag o’ goodies.

2010 Washington State CrossFit Sectionals from Jeremy Grubaugh on Vimeo.

NEWS FLASH: Some news about our time slots – things are getting busy! We will be having a 11AM and Noon class next week and the week after! Please see the schedule for date/time if you want to hit up your WOD during the day. We are testing this to see how popular it gets. Once or twice a week for now, but we could be expanding it. Also, 4:30 PM will be available soon in December! I will be announcing some news soon about this.

Also, December Elements start December 5th! Please see the Elements page for more info.

Individual Warm-up: Turkish get-ups – 5 each arm.

Strength: Deload week, Squat Cleans 1) 5 x 40%, 2) 5 x 50%, 3) 5 x 60%


2 rounds for time of

1) Row

2) Air squats

3) Burpee box jumps

4) Handstand hold

5) Pull-ups

6) Ab wheel roll-outs

7) 10m sprints

8-10 for PM only

8) Burpees

9) Wall Balls

10) GHD Back Ext.

Rest 1 minute

1minute of work at each exercise – 10 seconds to change stations

Recovery: Misc