11/15 “Tuesday”


11/15 “Tuesday”

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This week Meghan Polender, one of our longest members, is in the spotlight for #membermonday •Crossfitting since: September 2011 •A little about yourself: When I’m not at the gym, you can find me in a cubicle crunching numbers and providing data analysis for a Recruitment Process Outsourcing company in Brookfield. I also own my own cupcake business (Black Diamond Cupcakes) on the side, and have had the pleasure of baking for the weddings of several BCF members this past summer! Other interests outside of the gym include skiing (try to get out to Utah once every year for my family’s annual ski vacation), baking in general (yes, I do bake more than just cupcakes!), watching sports (Go Bears!), and hanging out with my dog Marti. •How did you get into CrossFit? After being super active and involved in many sports in high school, I developed a passion for long distance running as a way to stay in shape in college. I participated in a number of 5ks, 10ks, Half Marathons and Triathlons, but I missed the competitive nature of individual and team sports. In my first job right out of college, one of my remote coworkers was always talking to me about this “CrossFit thing” she was really into in Ohio. After her incessant nagging (or perhaps encouraging?), I looked up CrossFit gyms in the Milwaukee area, and luckily Badger CrossFit had just opened its doors. I bought the Intro classes for myself and my mom as her birthday gift, and we are still going strong 5+ years later! •How has CrossFit changed you outside the gym? Because of CrossFit, I am just more aware of my health in general. Making smarter decisions in regards to my nutrition, sleep, and supplementation where necessary has allowed me to be both more successful in the gym, as well as more productive in all aspects of my life in general. •What makes Badger CrossFit unique? I know this is a cliché response, but definitely the community! I have seen the gym completely transform and grow significantly from when I first joined in 2011 (heck, sometimes I was the only person in the 5am class at the time)! But the one thing that has stayed consistent is the amazing group of people. #badgerbuilt #badgercrossfit #motivation

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Foam Roll tspine, Banded shoulder, Super Rack, Couch

No Strength

WOD #1
Thrusters, Pullups, Deadlifts, HSPU, Clean & Jerk

WOD #2 (if time)