11/14 WOD: “Eva”


11/14 WOD: “Eva”

We like to maximize intensity while keeping your ability to come back w/o  too much soreness for the next days ahead. To do this, we program WODs to be within a certain time range lower than 20 minutes, usually. Today, we broke that barrier with a long, arduous WOD that tested a domain we don’t hit often. We capped it at 45 minutes to ensure you get what we were looking for in the time domain, but it was nasty. I read somewhere that CrossFit prepares you for “Eva” – it’s that tough. Ha!

Remember, we test all domains of fitness, and this long one was no exception. Short, long, fast, slower, you name it, we do it. And because of our intensity at lower time domains, we all destroyed this WOD. Top times to Luke G with 33:25 RX and Kelly C with 34:56! Great job today everyone! You forged elite fitness.

Strength: None.
WOD: “Eva” 5 rounds of 800m run, 30 kb swings (70/55#), 30 pullups. (50 min time cap)

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