11/13 “Thursday”


11/13 “Thursday”

Fitness and Performance:
Bench Press
Turkish Getup
DB Rows

Ring Pushups with pause at the top
Kettlebell Swings (70/55)

Ring Dips with 1 second pause at the top
Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)

Member News:

BCF Jingle Bells Holiday/Christmas Party

Once again BCF invites you to put the kettle bells down, grab a beverage and join your fellow athletes for a night of festive fun to support a great cause.

Just like last year we will be hosting a drawing for tons of fabulous prizes donated by the community, local crossfiters and you! Last year we raised a bunch of cash for Dry Hooch and we think we can do even better this year. So bring your $20s and get ready to bid.

Similar to last year we’re also asking people to bring a dish to pass or purchase an appetizer at the bar to share with everyone.

Lastly, make sure to bring your holiday spirit mixed with your BCF passion, as some type of ridiculous challenge or competition is bound to ensue.

When and where: See left hand sidebar for event link. December 12th, 7:30pm at Burke’s Irish Castle

Congrats on the PR Chen!! Good position throughout! Badger CrossFitters! Got Pr’s? Got Proof? ;). Send them our way! [email protected]