11/12 WOD: Why so many DUs?


11/12 WOD: Why so many DUs?

Because I love you… 😉 So….

Life is truly about prioritizing your world.  There are some things that NEED to be done and some things that you WANT to be done.  If your world is remotely like mine, you will not finish your “to-do list” usually.  You will always have stuff you can do.  Even if this is the case, there are still ways to get through it all.  First, you need to take care of yourself.  This means your food, your sleep, your workouts, etc.  Yes, some of these may get pushed to the side on occasion, but if that is the norm, then your body WILL fail you.  You will be riddled with internal stress not just by your life but how you are treating your body.  You will not feel the same, you will not look the same, you will not be the same.  Second, once you prioritize your list of things, make a game plan to attack them and then GO!  This may mean that some other parts of your world will need to be held back..  Recognize it and then move forward. Finally, don’t give yourself weak excuses about why you cant do something.  If you cant make it to the gym because you don’t have time, then do AMRAP of burpees in 7 minutes or do my now infamous “Running Barbara”, or go do a tabata sprints at the park or at the local school yard.  I still to this day (and yes I own a gym) sprint outside down one the side roads near my house if I can’t make it here. If you want to make something happen you will, you just have to do it.  There are some things in this world that you can change, and there are some that you cant do anything about.  Don’t worry about the things you cannot change. Handle the things you can change, with a smile on your face!  Positive begets Positive.  Bring on the day!!!

Strength: 4X8 Back Squats @ 80% – rest 2 minutes. *off of 3RM
WOD: 3 rounds for time of 9 Front Squats 185/120#, 12 Strict Pullups, 100 Double-Unders

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