1/11 “Monday” – The Open is upon us!


1/11 “Monday” – The Open is upon us!

The Open prep cycle for our gym will start this week. Classes will have more Open-style conditioning work, gymnastics, and for the Performance group, barbell work + cycling, and technical movements. These next 8 weeks will be challenging, but rewarding! I’m excited to see the results and I hope you enjoy the grind.


All The Good Reps, and Only the Good Reps
By Chris Fox

We’ve almost all been there before. You’re tired, it’s your 50th pull up, handstand push up, power snatch, or whatever. You sort of, kind of, maybe executed full range-of-motion—but then again, maybe you didn’t. Then, you maybe even tried to squeeze in another (no) rep! Coaches see this, your fellow athletes see this, and you see this.

With a judge in front of you—whether it’s a regular group class, during the Open, or at a local throwdown—you’ll have a harder time getting away with garbage reps. I’d suggest that you shouldn’t let yourself off the hook in your daily training either. Your continued progress over the long haul is the ultimate goal. You want your movements to be truly quantifiable. If you count reps where sometimes your chin gets over the bar and sometimes it doesn’t, then you’re left comparing apples to durian fruit.

At BCF, we strive for virtuosity—the principle that you should aim to perform even the simplest movements exceedingly well. With effort and practice, your 300th squat in “Murph” can and in fact should be a mirror image of your first. Be honest about your reps and if you’re not 101% sure, then don’t count them. It sucks, yeah, but don’t be that person who moves really fast but really poorly. Don’t be the person who the next class coming in looks at and says “Uh uh… that’s not a rep.” Be the person with whom you’d be impressed, even if it slows you down a bit. Consider that you may need to scale WODs sometimes. The Rx isn’t for everybody, and even if you do some or most of our WODs Rx’d, there may be some that you should scale load and/or volume. Then, even when you really, really tried to do a good rep but didn’t, resist the urge to count your effort as execution. Only count the good ones.


Fitness: Front Squat, Ring holds, Front Rack Box Stepup w/ KBs, Hollow Hold + V-up
Performance: Front Squat, Pullups, Front rack box stepups w/ KBs, Strict T2B


Fitness and Performance:
3 Thrusters (95/65)
12/10 Calorie Row
6 Thrusters
12/10 Calorie Row
9/12/15, etc…

Note: The thruster should be on the light side, but with a nod to the Open, if this is a weight that usually challenges you, consider doing Rx.


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