1/1 “Happy New Year”


1/1 “Happy New Year”

Happy New Year, BCF!

It’s Time to Get Serious!

It’s Time to Get to Work!

2016 is your moment to step up and do the right thing, act the right way and perform at a higher level every single day!
It is simply not good enough to continue down the same old road…..Hoping, wishing and waiting for things to change!
Nothing will change for you, your life and your set of circumstances unless you Get Serious about your life and Get to work on YOUR Goals & Dreams!
Welcome to 2016…..it’s time to roll up your sleeves and be prepared to work, hustle and grind at obsessive levels that scare the hell out of everyone around you!
If things are going to get better and change once and for all then you are going to have to PUSH harder than you’ve ever had to push in your life….That starts today!” -Joe Duncan

The BCF Nutrition 30 Day Reset is coming up January 4th! Please RSVP here if you plan to make a life change with the gym (you need to be a member of our private facebook group if you want to do this — email us if you want in!). You don’t want to miss this.

In order to get the proper emails sent out to you regarding the 30 Nutrition Reset, please sign up for this email list:


It’s very important you do! This list is only going to be used for the emails to educate you over the course of these 30 days, talk about challenges and inform you about everything related to the challenge. Enter the START DATE of 1/4/2016. Thanks for your cooperation.