10/7 “Wednesday”


10/7 “Wednesday”

Clean & Jerk

Bar-facing burpees (NOT lateral), Clean & Jerk


Member News:

+++Having muscle aches or pains that may be an injury? Sign up for a consult with Dr. Mike Roberts-our resident PT! He’ll be in this upcoming Saturday, 10/10.

NOTE: Feel free to invite members from other gyms but please send us an email so we can add them to the roster! Whether or not you’ve signed up on the facebook page or on the Community for a cause website, you’ll still need to sign up in zen planner the same way you sign up for a regular class!

On Oct. 10th, in partnership with Community For a Cause and a number of other local boxes throughout the Midwest, we’ll be exchanging our standard Saturday workouts with a team workout to benefit a local breast cancer cause. This time around we’ll be supporting Josh Mattson’s family. Read more about sign up, the WOD, and registration here> https://www.badgercrossfit.com/2015/09/respect-the-rack/

Over the last couple months there has been an increase in people not RSVP-ing for class. We understand that life happens and there are days where work is unpredictable but we still require that you RSVP for classes. If you have a sudden schedule change and can make it to a class please try to shoot us an email or a phone call informing us that you’re coming.

RSVP-ing helps us immensely in planning coach resources. It is our goal at BCF to have 2 coaches in nearly every class to ensure you have more eyes and coaching available to you. RSVP-ing helps us ensure this is being accomplished. We appreciate your cooperation!