10/8 “Thursday”


10/8 “Thursday”

Bench Press, Slam balls, Wall Squat hold

Bench Press, K2E, Seated box jumps

Box Jumps (24/20) step down, Air Squats, Rope Climb, Hollow Rocks (F: can be tuck holds), Double-unders (x2 singles), L-Pullups (F: 5 second ring pullup holds), Run

Member News:

We’ve had a lot of questions about the Respect the Rack this Saturday! A few things to note….

1. This WOD will replace the regular class WOD times. 8 and 9 is when we’ll be doing the WOD. Sign up for it the same way you’d sign up for a regular Saturday WOD.

2. If you’re doing pledges, you will collect the pledges. You can either take the funds and write a check or have the businesses/people make a check out directly to the fund. Once you’ve collected the funds, you can either mail them directly to the fund yourself or if you’d rather bring it in to Badger, we’ll be mailing the the open donations we collect from people on that Saturday ourselves. We wouldn’t mind throwing the checks you collect in there as well. I’ll post a mailing address soon! Checks should be made out to “Give the Gift of Hope-Broeniman Family Fund”

3. Drop-ins from other gyms are welcome! Have them bring 20$ in cash or check made out to the fund for the drop-in fee. We’ll throw the cash/check in the open donations bucket. Yes, we’ll need them to sign a waiver which they can do here> www.badgercrossfit.com/sign-our-waiver

Let us also know their name so that we can add them to the roster

4. You can plan your team (of 4 people) ahead of time but if you don’t have a team when you show up, don’t fret! We’ll partner you up:).

5. Additional donation info: We won’t be able to do any sort of online donation as it gets too tricky on our end. If you’re interested in donating, please bring cash or check the day of.

+++Having muscle aches or pains that may be an injury? Sign up for a consult with Dr. Mike Roberts-our resident PT! He’ll be in this upcoming Saturday, 10/10.