10/27 WOD: Barbells for Boobs – “Grace” and Partner WOD


10/27 WOD: Barbells for Boobs – “Grace” and Partner WOD


Thank you to all the athletes who came out to support us in our quick throwdown of “Grace” in response to fundraising efforts for Mammograms in Action! We raised over $470!!! This is enough to give almost 6 women full breast-cancer screens! Thank you everyone, you’re all great!

1) Snatch: 2X2 @ 70%, 2X1 @ 75%, 2X1 @ 85%, 2X1 @ 90%, 4X1 @ 75% – rest 60-90 seconds for the sets through 90%, rest 30 seconds between reps for the final set.
2a) 3X5 Snatch Hi-Pulls
2b) 3X5 Non-Heaving Drop Snatch

WOD 1: “Grace”
30 clean and jerks for time (135/95)

Over 30 athletes rocked it out today!!!

WOD 2: Team 20 MIN AMRAP

2 people teams
100 airsquats to Med Ball
60 cals on row
50 burpees onto plates (25/15)
40 over head walking lunges using that plate
60 sit ups (can anchor each others feet if you want)