10/25 “Tuesday”


10/25 “Tuesday”

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For me CrossFit started back in 2007 when I was still in the service stationed out in Washington. Monday thru Friday during our lunch break a few of us would print out the WOD from crossfit.com and attempt it at the gym. Go figure Fran was our first workout and immediately became the benchmark of all benchmarks. It was exciting every day and it became a fun competition for the group of us. One of us could run, one of us could lift heavy, one was balanced, and the other would push himself so hard he would dry heave every other workout. We pushed each other to improve in the areas we struggled most in. During deployments, one of the first things I always asked was when we could get a dedicated gym tent set up. The best one I remember was off of an SF compound because they had a full squat rack and a few legitimate pull up bars. CrossFit was in my blood, it gave me the opportunity to always improve and push myself without ever getting bored. When I got out of the service and moved back to NC in 2012 I got lazy. I kept telling myself I would sign up at a gym, utilize the gym on campus, or eventually find a CrossFit gym again. Months and years passed with none of that coming to fruition. Then finally, when I moved to Wisconsin last summer it was at the top of my to-do list. Badger CrossFit was the first one I looked at because it was the closest to the VA and it was manageable to do the full commute on my bike. I am glad I made myself go to that free Saturday class. I remember working out with Coach Sara and I was instantly hooked again. Everything, all the lifts and techniques, that “good soreness” is just a healthy reminder of what you did the day before, but not enough to keep you from working harder the next day. Shortly after that I started coming every day, and honestly, the day just does not seem to start off right if I do not get the workout in first thing. So why do I CrossFit. I CrossFit because it is fun, challenging, and kicks you’re a** on most days no matter how great you are feeling coming in. It allows you to compete against yesterdays version of yourself… #membermonday #motivation #badgerbuilt #crossfit #fitfam #wauwatosa #wisconsin #strength

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Front Squat/Back Squat

Power Snatch, Burpees, Bar-facing Burpees, Burpee Box Jumps