10/23 “Friday”


10/23 “Friday”

Bench Press, Good morning
Bench Press, GH Raises

burpee broad jump, Alt. DB power snatch (50/35), slam ball (35/25), Pullups


Member News:


You can show your BCF pride in all seasons!

We plan to get some 3/4 sleeve shirts this year, as well as hoodies, winter beanies (if I can find quality ones), etc.

This first go around is for a 3/4 sleeve Baseball style shirt ONLY. Check out feel of material and sizing in the office. We have samples!

The design has yet to be finalized, but if you know for sure you want one, please do a pre-order in the following sheet link below.


Thank you for your support of Badger CrossFit and show of BCF pride on a daily. We are glad to have you represent this amazing gym in this great city and beyond.

+++Halloween WOD! FREAKY FRIDAY FUN!+++

Friday, October 30th, all the classes will be “costume WODs.” Meaning, you are encouraged to wear something fun, spooky, gnarly, whatever you think is awesome. Really excited to get that 80’s fitness instructor gear out? Or that one-time used college costume out? Now is your chance. Just be sure you can workout in this attire! 😉 The workout will also be fun, with emphasis on fun and folly, not fitness. Bring your tricks and treats for others! We don’t want your kids to be the only ones this Halloween to have goodies. We will have a post workout snack for you (healthy) and you must do it in classic fall fashion!

+++Veteran’s Day WOD+++

This year, we have partnered with TeamRWB.org to bring you a Veteran’s Day event/workout. This organization is a great one, as their mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity. Per usual, the workout will be geared to celebrate our veterans, and you have the choice to donate to this great organization. You can sign up online here.

+++BCF Community Garden Update+++
AHHH We’re almost there, but we still need your help!
1. Here’s what we need for the actual garden:
-Top soil and compost to top off the raised beds.
-Garlic bulbs, which plant well in the fall/winter and will also act as ground cover.
-Mulch for the space in between the beds.

This is a community garden, meaning we need a community behind it. It has been incredible to see the excitement and willingness to help from all you silly badgers already! In preparation for the Spring, aka growing season, we’re hoping to form some sort of board/committee where decisions are made about how the garden will work-i.e what get’s planted, how it’s distributed, who’s contributing, etc. and also troubleshooting any issues that occur. If this is something you’re interested in, please email Sara at [email protected]