10/13 WOD: Logging WODs


10/13 WOD: Logging WODs

Are you writing down how your workouts go everyday you are at the gym? Do you have your log book?  If you need one, we have them for you. Whether you write it in your book, or use an app on your phone, recording your workouts is key to your success in archiving your goals.  How else will you know if you are not logging what is happening?  How will you know unless you are analyzing the data on a regular basis? CrossFit training is built with and understanding that our workouts are measurable, recordable and repeatable.  For this reason, you must use this feedback to check your progress and keep you on the right path.  Log it so you know it!

Group Partner WOD:


20 Thrusters (135/95)
20 Pullups
20 burpees

Partner rests while other works.