10/12 WOD: Heavy PC wreckage!


10/12 WOD: Heavy PC wreckage!

The BCF Fall Throwdown is on October 22nd, from 8-11AM! There will be a paleo-brunch afterwards!!! Bring a friend, family member, etc. to enjoy the friendly competition and food!

Strength: Bench 1) 5 x 75%, 2) 3 x 85%, 3) 1+ x 95%.

WOD: Power Clean Wreckage.

5 reps-90%
1 rep-100%
10 reps- 80%
1 rep-95%
20 reps-70%
1 rep-90%
30 reps-60%

No stopping once you start a set. Rest as needed between sets, but you cannot rest the bar. If you drop or rest the bar, that set starts over.

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