Option A: Group Elements (held Monthly)

Designed to familiarize you with the movements we use most frequently and build your general fitness base, Group Elements ensures that you will be comfortable and successful in our Group CrossFit classes.

Choose the group Elements if all of the following apply:

  • You are active and injury-free.
    Elements is designed for the generally active individual with no serious movement limitations.
  • You can commit to a set schedule.
    You will be required to attend all scheduled sessions. Any missed classes must be made up privately at an additional $20 cost.
  • You can schedule well in advance.
    We run a limited number of Elements sessions, and they tend to sell out!

Option B: Private Elements

Private Elements gets you started immediately with a series of 3 personal training sessions. After finishing your initial sessions you can decide to continue with more one-on-one sessions with your trainer at his or her standard training rate. Alternatively you can move into our group classes.*

Choose Private Elements if any of the following apply:

  • You have training limitations.
    Our coaches will design a program that’s optimized for your fitness level and abilities, or works around your health issues or injuries.
  • You want to start immediately.
    You may schedule Private Elements at your leisure.
  • You have an inflexible schedule.
    Private Elements doesn’t require an advance commitment to a set class schedule: you may schedule-as-you-go.

* Individuals with significant health or orthopedic issues will remain private training clients.